Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday - Cropped Tops

As a self-employed professional, 31 year old, mother of two, there are a variety of reasons why I will not be wearing a cropped top and baring my stomach ever again.  However I do not discount the benefits of cropped jumpers and jackets completely; all for that lovely trick of bringing the eye up to your waist!!!

In my recent Savemart makeover with a friend we found this gorgeous bold cropped orange Country Road jumper.  After trying it on my friend was not sold on the colour or shape, so the bargain was mine for the grabbing.  I do have another cropped jumper (seen below and previously here and here) and a few shorter jackets that look great with longer pieces underneath (like this coral tuxedo style jacket).

I love the way that a shorter jumper/jacket really spotlights the waist, whilst still keeping you warm and cosy. Here's the classy cropped blue cocktail jacket (along with the gold halterneck and dressy black pants) that my friend also picked up for herself on the trip. 

So ... cropped looks.  Are you in?  Love to hear your thoughts below on how and when real women might wear them!  And friends it's your turn to show us what you're wearing:
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